Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dresser re-do: phase 2

You know that pair of jeans that have been with you through everything and have gone with you everywhere?  The pair that fit perfectly in high school but were too tight to wear when you gained the infamous "freshman 15" in college.  The pair you can't seem to get rid of no matter how many other items of clothing may come and go.  Well, for me, those jeans have officially been transformed into my painting pants.  I threw them on for Phase 2 (the painting phase) today and now they are covered in splotches of white.  (Just another stage in the life of jeans, I suppose.)  Anyway, enough about ruining clothes with paint - that's why you wear old ones!

All in all, phase 2 was a success.  The weather was a bit chilly and my hands began to go numb but I managed to get 3 coats of paint on the dresser.  Hooray! There were, however, some minor casualties (besides the jeans).  Sierra, my parents dog, sat next to me while chewing a stick and managed to send tiny pieces of wood flying all over the fresh paint.  When Sierra grew bored of the stick she decided a paintbrush and stir stick (both soaked in paint) would be fun to chew.  Her paws and the backyard are now covered in white as well.  Thanks for the help, Sierra.

My little helper.

Phase 2: painting

Read about phase 1

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