Thursday, October 14, 2010

Painting furniture indoors... it can be done

Today, I am a painter.  ...and very excited about it.  I've spent the better part of the morning preparing my workspace and realized that I didn't buy the proper quantity of materials at Home Depot.  That's where improvisation comes in.  When you don't have the necessary tools, fake it, right?  Let's hope I bought enough paint because that is one thing that can't be faked.  This dresser needs to look stellar.

Things I've learned when preparing to paint a piece of furniture within the confines of my apartment:
  1. When in doubt, splurge on the bigger and better drop cloth (I didn't and had to lay down about 5 pounds of newspaper to cover the extra space).
  2. Open windows - ALL windows - so you don't pass out from paint fumes (unless you're into that kinda thing). 
  3. Cut fingernails short (I already broke two).
  4. Wear old clothing you don't care about splattering with paint (this includes socks).
  5. Create fun playlist on iPod and blast it.
This is me, super stoked to finally be refinishing another piece of furniture...
I can't wait to share it with ya'll when its finished! wahooo

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