Crafty in the Concrete Jungle was launched March of 2010. Driven by an interest in design and crafting, I decided to document the trials and tribulations of my own projects. Whether I'm mod podging, painting, refinishing furniture or attempting a variety of before-and-afters, I'll be sure to share the humor of my craft attempts here. Along with showcasing my own talents, I take pleasure in featuring the work of others who inspire me. With that said, I welcome you and thank you for joining in my journey!

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A little more about Lauren...
I began my career in digital marketing where I developed a passion for innovation and the vast world of the web. I am currently a digital marketing manager by day and crafter by night. I've spent the last 4+ years living and working in New York City and its surrounding boroughs. The hectic nature of the concrete jungle has become a constant source of inspiration for me. I hope to turn my passions for writing, crafting and creating into a full-time career.