Monday, October 18, 2010

Dresser re-do: phase 1

I know I promised a dresser revamp for my bedroom dresser, which I have indeed started.  However, I left my dresser in my apartment (primed and waiting for another coat of paint) and headed to my parents house in Pennsylvania to refinish a different dresser.  The dresser needed to be sanded down so I figured I should get out there and start the process while the weather is still decently warm.

Here's a little backstory on the dresser at my parent's house: it's been with my dad ever since he and my mom met.  My dad has probably owned the dresser for 40-some years.  My mom has attempted to get rid of the dresser for 30-some years.  My dad, however, insists the dresser is built from quality wood and since it has minimal wear and tear he sees no need to replace it.  Mom thinks its unappealing and insists she has no use for it.  This is where I stepped in and offered my services.  My mom figures she might as well let me attempt to turn the piece of furniture into something she can use since it clearly isn't going to Good Will anytime soon.

Thus, I began phase 1 of the project (thankfully with some help from my mom) - 3 hours of sanding and cleaning.  Whew.  I find sanding to be the most tedious part of any revamp project.  But now its finished and I can move on to the fun part - painting and staining.  (Yay!)

Here's a little peek into phase 1:

The original dresser:

Me wearing protective gear to keep the sand/dust out of my face:
Feel free to laugh.

Sanded dresser and drawers:


  1. Looks great so far! Did you hand sand that? Whew!!

  2. hey, mac! thanks. i hand sanded everything except the top of the dresser, which i used an electric sander for. exhausting!


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