Friday, July 8, 2011

5 fashionable "go green" totes

I've been a fan of reusable shopping bags since my hippie days at Ithaca College.  My love for eco-friendly bags was originally sparked during a trip to Austria.  I went into a grocery store where you had to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store (it was actually cheaper to purchase a reusable tote).  Amazing idea, right?  Why don't US grocery stores start implementing that policy? hmmm...

Anyway, I've managed to build up quite a collection of reusable bags over the past few years and I'm amazed by this nationwide trend. Its nice to see that going green has become somewhat of a fashion statement.  Here are five of my top picks for totes:

1. Coffee-bean burlap tote with nautical details (this bag can really be used for any and everything, its just so cute).

2. Organic cotton sack with screen printed milk jars.

3. Brightly-colored Envirosax that folds up into teeny-tiny proportions - perfect for storing when not in use. (I actually own this bag and love it).

4. Proudly show-off your eco-friendly ways with this bag created from 95% post consumer material.

5. Wegmans... need I say more?  For those of you who haven't experienced Wegmans, add it to your bucket list and thank me later.

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