Friday, July 1, 2011

Bridal shower DIY

For the first time in my life, I am going to be in a wedding.  Not only am I going to be in a wedding, but I've been dubbed Maid of Honor... a very big role, indeed.  And seeing as I'm completely inexperienced in the realm of weddings (other than merely attending a handful in the past couple of years), I was a bit nervous about properly filling my "MOH" duties.  First, I had to google what a Maid of Honor actually does and then I set out to provide for my friend/the bride as best I could.

A big part of every MOH's responsibility is to take the reigns of planning the bridal shower, which I was excited about because it got my creative juices flowing. The party favors presented a great opportunity to indulge my crafting addiction. With my mom as my craft partner, we set out to design a bridal shower that was both sweet and sentimental.

For the party favors, each guest received a tiny bottle of "Love Potion No. 072311" (aka grenadine) with a miniature drink recipe booklet that showcased grenadine cocktails. The No. 072311 stands for the date of the bride's wedding.  Handmade heart and flower chocolate mints were also given as favors.

For the table centerpieces, we arranged a variety of bright daisies in mason jars adorned with polka dot bows, which sat atop swatches of pink and blue floral fabrics.  I love daisies because they scream summer and are so cheery.

I also created a handmade triangle banner out of scrap-booking paper and twine, which hung on the gift table. It added a personal touch to the room and the bride loved it.  :)

We kept things fun by playing bridal bingo during the opening of gifts and threw in a couple more games throughout the afternoon.  Overall, the bridal shower was a huge success. (now its time for the bachelorette party - oh boy!) 


  1. They are so cute! Where did you get the bottles from?

  2. AC Moore, but i think other big craft stores might carry them as well.

  3. I love the love potion! I am helping a friend plan a bridal shower and I love this idea :)Thanks for sharing.

    I have a DIY craft blog as well, if you would like to take a look it is:

    You have a new follower!


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