Monday, February 7, 2011

Lighting up my life

I'm on a rampage with these DIY light-switch plates.  After the first switch plate success, I felt the urge to create more fun pieces.  Its a great (and easy) way to add some extra oomph to your decor (especially if you are like me and rent an apartment where it's a hassle to paint the walls).

Remember the entryway I designed a few months back?  I decided an updated light-switch plate would be the perfect addition to the space.  I'm a country girl at heart but I thought it was the perfect place to pay homage to the concrete jungle.  I scoured the internet for a great image of a vintage NYC subway map that would add a nice, extra pop of color to the area.

Here was the entryway before the light-switch plate update...

Here is the NYC vintage map light-switch addition:


  1. What a great way to jazz up those ugly builders grade switchplates!

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