Thursday, July 15, 2010

Entryway Design

You know that moment when you step through the door of your home after an exhausting day at work?  A sense of calm immediately rushes over you as you slide your shoes off in the foyer, drop your keys and make your way over to the comfy couch in the living room.

Well, I realized something upon entering my apartment.  I felt relieved to be home but I didnt have a place to slide my shoes off or drop my keys.  My apartment entryway was nothing more than a stark white hallway with a few ceiling lights.  It wasn't calming nor comfortable.  Just blank.   So, I set out to liven it up a bit (on a limited budget).  Here's what I came up with...

I framed some old albums that my parents had stored away in their basement.  The colors in the covers add some much needed liveliness to the hallway.  I found the rug for $10 at Flemington Department Store.  The little 8-drawer dresser is actually an old prop from As The World Turns, which I bought at a prop sale for $12.  All in all, I think I was quite successful at adding pops of color to my entryway while keeping decorating costs low.  And now I have a place for keys and shoes!

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