Friday, September 24, 2010

Faux Animal Heads

I grew up in an area where it wasn't uncommon to walk into a friend's house and see a variety of taxidermic animal heads lining the walls.  Hunting is a favorite past time in Pennsylvania.  The first day of hunting season is practically considered a holiday (as kids, we even got a day off from school for it!).  I suppose that's why I chuckle when I see other people get squeamish if they see real animal heads used as decor.  (Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying I'm a taxidermy fanatic.  I'm just used to the sight of it).  For the faint of heart and others who simply don't enjoy the idea of decorating with dead, stuffed animals, a faux animal head might be a good choice.

Deer head from Ruby's Lounge
Cardboard buffalo head from ModCloth
Moo Wall Lamp from
Trond Svendgård & Ove Rogne
Rhino from Anthropologie

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