Friday, September 24, 2010

DIY Fall Project: Leaf Cut-Outs

Pottery Barn features a lovely DIY fall centerpiece involving leaf cut-outs.  Its a cute idea, but for those of us living in the concrete jungle it can be a difficult task finding pretty leaves to use as tracing material.  Blame it on the lack of diverse nature.  As usual, I turned to Google for help and found some leaf outlines to use.  From there, I ripped some pages out of an old book and started tracing, cutting and creating.  Voila... leaves were born.


  1. Beautiful! I loved that you used book pages rather than fall colors. Very 'Anthropologie', they'd look lovely in a simple garland!


  2. Using old books for your leaves was a brilliant idea! My husband and I collect antique books and they are all over our house so this is so perfect for our decor!

  3. Thanks! Let me know what you make out of the leaf cut-outs.

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