Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Refreshing Drink Week: Day 3

I'm a tea drinker most days, but I occasionally crave coffee. A few days ago, I poured some leftover coffee into an empty ice cube tray, stuck it in the freezer and decided I'd figure out a good use for coffee cubes at a later time.  It just so happens that this morning I concocted my latest drink creation with the cubes, which I'm dubbing the Mocha Morning Jolt.  Its a decadent way to jump start your day and costs a lot less than a fancy drink from Starbucks.  Here's my super simple recipe:

Mocha Morning Jolt

- Coffee ice cubes
- Milk (any kind of your choice)
- Chocolate syrup

1. Fill glass 1/3 full with milk.
2. Add chocolate syrup and stir well.
3. Add coffee cubes until full. 
4. Top off with extra milk. 

The coffee cubes infuse great flavor into the drink as they melt. Delish!

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