Friday, December 3, 2010

Anti-mantle holiday display

If you dwell in an apartment, you're probably like me and don't have a lovely fireplace with a mantle.  It's sad for decorations sake but that's where I improvise and fake a mantle display.  I love to decorate the table top in my apartment entryway.  It gives my apartment some festive cheer as soon as guests enter.  How lovely! 

Today, I removed the Thanksgiving/Fall decor and started crafting a winter holiday display.  This is what I have so far...

I'm aiming to keep my decorations more winter-neutral than Christmas-y so I can keep them up past the holidays.  

The paper tree is an easy homemade project.  Here's a quick how-to:
  1. Roll a piece of thick paper into a funnel shape. 
  2. Cut leaf-like shapes out of book pages, newpapers, magazines, etc (whatever you have laying around). 
  3. Glue (I use hot glue) each paper leaf around the paper funnel until the entire tree is filled.
  4. Optional: Create a tree stump out of rolled paper.
Ta da!  Easy, right?  No money spent and it's super cute!


  1. I really like the winter-neutral idea! What you have so far is really great. The tree is super cute indeed! :O)

    ~ ~


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