Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun with letters (and mod podge)

Alphabet letters are trendy.  They're a nice addition to any bookshelf or open space that needs a little oomph.  Case in point:

Photo from

I bought a simple wooden block letter a few months ago at a craft store with the intention of doing something fun with it.  It's been sitting on my desk shelf waiting to be transformed, so I finally decided to give it a little love and attention.  Here's the before and after...

In case you haven't already noticed, I'm kinda obsessed with mod podging book pages onto any and everything.  I also painted the sides of the letter with a raw sienna colored acrylic paint.


  1. Excellent idea. How did you get the paper edges so neat?

  2. Thanks, ladies. :)
    Jessica, I traced the letter and cut it out of the book page. Then, after mod podging it, I used a really tiny pair of sharp scissors to trim any excess paper.


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