Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIY Vintage Coasters

Sorry I haven't been around the past few days.  I'm exhausted from the move to my new apartment.  It was a very long weekend - lots of heavy lifting and packing/unpacking.  But alas, I have a new craft to post!

MORE COASTERS!  I know, I know. I seem to be obsessed with creating coasters.  But hey, they are easy and fun to make!  My mom had some spare tiles in the basement which were perfect coaster size so I felt compelled to make Paul and I a nice little housewarming gift.  We love sailing, skiing and cruising on our bicycles so those are the three things I used for inspiration.  I spent a hefty amount of time perusing the internet for vintage images of our hobbies and finally found some I really liked.

To create the coasters, I Mod Podged the printed images onto the tiles and then coated them with Hard Coat Mod Podge since regular Mod Podge tends to remain a bit sticky (especially if it comes into contact with a wet glass).  To keep the bottom of the tiles from scratching the wood coffee table, I applied felt via a hot glue gun.  Take a peek:

Hobby #1...

Hobby #2...

Hobby #3....


  1. Are your coasters available for purchase?

  2. I'd love to sell them! I can custom make coasters with other images that may be of interest to you (photos you've taken on vacations, etc). If interested, please feel free to contact me at lnichol2@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. Great idea for a personalized gift for people ... weddings, birthdays, etc. How much actual time is involved in making them, once you have the pictures you are using?

  4. Thank you! As far as the process goes, it's a lot of waiting time to make sure each layer of decoupage has dried and also smoothing out the images to make sure they don't bubble and crease. It takes patience but its fun for me and I always get so excited to see the final product!

  5. These are so cute! Love the images.

  6. Beautiful coasters. Those are fabulous images you found for them!

  7. I'm digging the throwback pics you used. Keep up the good work sport.


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