Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is this all about?

Who I Am:  My name is Lauren.  I'm just a twenty-something year old woman living a young professional's fast-paced life in New York City (which I commonly refer to as the Concrete Jungle).  It's hectic.  It's fun.  It's expensive.  And after 3 years of living in the same apartment, its time for me move to a different part of the city and start anew! 

My Mission:  To decorate my new apartment on a budget while getting crafty.  I love one-of-a-kind eccentric items and after years of "ooooing and aaaaahing" at high-priced things I can't afford, I've decided to challenge myself.

The Challenge:  To attempt to create my own collection of (hopefully) noteworthy, or at least fun, pieces by decoupaging, painting, refinishing, innovating, and perhaps even sewing!  I have absolutely no experience in creating art or getting seriously crafty (Painting 101 in college doesn't count, right?) but  I'm hoping to prove that even if you are new to the arts n' crafts world, you can still create a fun and funky apartment on a budget.

So, welcome to the Crafty in the Concrete Jungle blog.  Let the crafting begin!!

The Concrete Jungle

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