Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wine racks: drink in style

A few weeks ago, Paul signed up for the Wall Street Journal Wine Club and we received our first case of booze this week.  Hooray!  Needless to say, we already popped open a couple bottles and are quite pleased with the selection and quality.  We also came to the realization that we don't have a proper place to store the wine.

Wine should be stored on its side and kept away from extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight.  Our rather sunny corner apartment leaves us with few storage options.  We also need to find a proper wine rack.  Thus the hunt for wine racks begins...

This wooden wine rack is beautiful but only holds 7 bottles and would take up too much kitchen counter space.
Knot wine rack at Appliancist

I could go super modern and incorporate my wine into wall art (not so much my style though).
Oenophilia Mid-Century wine rack at Amazon

Or perhaps a freestanding beverage center would be a good fit.
Storage Butler at EWineRacks

There are so many options out there.  I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled until I find the right one!

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