Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Plant Gets a Makeover

I, admittedly, do not have the best track record when it comes to caring for houseplants.  Beginning freshman year of college, I bought my first plant from the Ithaca Farmers' Market.  It was a fern (I think) and I figured it would be easy to care for.  I was wrong.  The poor plant was dead in a month.  Looking back on it, I think I committed the crime of over-watering. 

Suffice it to say, I didn't own another plant until I moved into my first out-of-college apartment.  I snipped some ends from my mother's heart-leaf philodendron plant, put them in a vase of water for a few weeks until they sprouted roots and then potted them in an overhanging planter.  I quickly discovered heart-leaf philodendron is a hearty plant (no pun intended) and doesn't seem to mind over-watering.  The plant and I were a perfect match. <3! 

Now, flash forward 3 years, my philodendron is still with me and looking as beautiful as ever.  The only issue is my new apartment isn't accommodating to overhanging plants.  The philodendron looked so sad and overgrown perched on a (temporary) little side table.  I knew I needed to step it up and show my plant some love so I bought it a pretty stand from Christmas Tree Shops and a stylish pot from Marshall's.  The result: très jolie!  See for yourselves:

(Sad, I know)

(Pretty, pretty!)


  1. I really like that pot you planted it in.

  2. I have had mine for over 7 years and I have a few vines and the one vine is 8' long time for a cut down!!!!


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