Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Many Jars, So Many Ways...

I know this is going to sound silly but here comes a confession...

I feel nostalgic every time I encounter a Ball Mason jar.  It brings me back to the days spent in my great grandmother's southern kitchen when I was a little girl.  Or the times when my mother would boil fresh maple syrup on the stove, using mason jars to preserve it for later use.  The sweet smell would waft throughout the house tantalizing the taste buds.  Or my many attempts at pickling vegetables and jarring jams in my high school Food Science classes.  In any case, my memories of Mason jars always include some sort of food preservation.

These classic jars, however, can be used for so much more.  Their visual appeal leaves them open to a variety of interpretive uses.  Midwest Finds has crafted some pretty clever creations.  See here:

Soap dispenser by Midwest Finds

Hanging jar by Midwest Finds

Salt and pepper shakers by Midwest Finds

Slumped jar dish by Midwest Finds

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  1. Beautiful! They look even better here on your blog!! Thanks so much for featuring us. :)


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