Monday, May 10, 2010

Bedroom Dresser Re-Do

When my ex-roommate moved out of our old apartment she left behind two perfectly good looking unfinished bedroom dressers.  Despite not knowing what I'd do with them, I felt they were definitely worthy of some refinishing.  (Thanks for the free furniture, Kristin!)

As it turns out, I actually need some extra clothing storage for my new bedroom so my next project will be figuring out how I'll add some character to the dressers and spruce them up!  I'm thinking a nice dark stain with some cool, new knobs.  Ideas, anyone?

Here is a photo of one (the other one is a bit taller but practically the same thing)...


  1. What about a nice cherry knob...just don't eat it.

  2. Anthropology has such great knobs. Thanks for the suggestion!


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